Real-Life Stories

Tell us about how FamZee has helped your mobile family and win a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card.


Here are some great stories from real world FamZee users:

My daughter has been bugging me to buy her first mobile device. I didn’t want to do it because I figured she would be up all night texting her friends. FamZee made me feel that I could go ahead and buy her the device (she squealed with joy when she got it) because I can now lock the device at bedtime and at school. The decision was even easier when I found out about all the safety features in FamZee.
Angela R. Mom with daughter starting middle school
Thank you FamZee! With your help, I am sure to always have an eye on my cell phone. Not only am I sure to never go above my data, voice and SMS plan, I am sure to always find my cell phone if I misplaced it or lost it. Glad I am part of the FamZee Family!
Sara College Student

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