Family Parental Controls

Parental Controls

Deciding when you get your children their first mobile device is a dilemma for many parents. You want to ensure that the smartphone is being used in the right way, rather than keeping them distracted in class . With FamZee, you get the best of both worlds.

FamZee will allow you to put rules in place that dictate when and where children can use their mobile device while offering them safety tools in case of emergency. FamZee is a secure solution that offers parents all the right tools to manage the usage of their family’s mobile devices.


FamZee will let you see the location of your family members by simply opening up the map inside the FamZee app. You can also log in to and get more details about each user’s location including their location history and their proximity to important locations such as school or home.



First Level: Usage Alerts

FamZee provides the parents with the following email alerts regarding their family’s mobile activity:

  • Increased or decreased mobile data, voice or text message* usage
  • Inactivity, i.e. your child hasn’t used the device in 48 hours or has deleted the FamZee app
  • Location alerts including arrivals and departures from school, home, etc.

Second Level: Warnings

FamZee allows parents to set up the warnings for their family based on usage, location or time. These warnings are delivered as a pop up message on the mobile device to provide immediate warnings to the user. The user has to acknowledge the warning in order to keep using their device. Warnings include:

  • Exceeding the Data, Voice or Text Message* usage allowance
  • Using the mobile device after bedtime, school time or curfew
  • Using the mobile device while located at school

Third level: Rules*

FamZee allows parents to “lock” their child’s smartphone if the following has occurred:

  • Data, Voice or Text Message* usage allowance limit has been reached
  • Usage during school time
  • Usage at bed time
  • When the device has been lost or stolen
  • At anytime
*Please note that Parents can create a “challenge key” that can override any “rule.” If the child’s screen has been locked, they can still dial an Emergency Number (Ex: 911) or call their parent’s phone number.


All of these features are easily configured and viewed by logging into

The following parental control features are available directly for the FamZee app on the mobile device:

  • Family map – You can open the app and see the current location of all the family members.
  • User check-in – You can have a user press the check-in button once they have arrived at their destination, and FamZee will send you an email alert with the time of their arrival.