Mobile Control of your Family


FamZee is a new solution that simplifies how parents keep track of their family’s smartphone usage and manage costs, while ensuring their safety 24/7.

FamZee consists of an app that goes on each family member’s smartphone and the site. Parents can use to set up alerts, warnings and rules for their entire mobile family to ensure they’re safe, in budget and under control. Each family member can these use the FamZee App to view their family’s locations and monitor their own mobile usage. The FamZee app also comes with an emergency button that can send out an emergency notification to their emergency list with their location and time, when needed. Each FamZee user also has critical emergency medical information stored directly inside the FamZee app, and this includes important doctor’s information, allergies and medications.

FamZee has two types of accounts – Free and Premium. All features are available for free for a 30 day period. After the 30 day trial period expires, clients can upgrade to the Premium version.