Family Mobile Safety

Family Safety

As a parent, you want to ensure your family’s safety around the clock. FamZee helps keep your mobile family protected 24/7 with our emergency alerts, medical info and location tracking capabilities. FamZee can help you save a life by quickly responding to an emergency situation, or by preventing one by having important medical information on hand.


Emergency Button & Alerts

FamZee places a simple to use emergency button right inside the FamZee App. This button can be used by family members when it is not possible or safe to make phone calls or send text messages. With one quick click, you can trigger an alert to all of the people invited to your family’s emergency contact list. These alerts will indicate the time of the emergency event and the location of the device.

Remember – It is very important to invite an extensive list of people you trust to your emergency contact list, such as friends, relatives or neighbors, because it is often the person closest to the emergency that can help the fastest.

Mobile phone family alert button
Family Medical Info

Medical Information

FamZee offers parents one, central place to store your family’s most important medical information. Say good-bye to carrying doctor’s business cards and old vaccination records. Now, you can safely store all the essential medical information inside FamZee (website and app). First responders in an emergency situation can easily access critical information, such as allergies and medications by simply looking inside the FamZee App.

Check in Button

FamZee allows your children to easily inform you that they have “arrived” with a simple press of the check-in button inside the FamZee App.

Location Alerts

If your family member cannot be trusted to remember to “check-in,” you can setup key locations on and receive email alerts when they either arrive or don’t arrive at these locations. For example, parents can receive email alerts telling them that their child has arrived at school or that they have not arrived at home by a certain time.

Important Note –FamZee was designed as a safety tool that encourages parents and children to communicate and collaborate. FamZee is not meant to replace “parenting” common sense. Please understand that FamZee relies on the mobile device to communicate with, and function properly. If there is NO signal or battery power, or any other device related issues that prevent the device from working, FamZee may not work.