Thinking Ahead or Advantages A Cutting Edge VDR Can Bring

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We live in a very digital world, where the technology defines new trends in consumer’s behavior, demand on the markets, popular industries of the future and ways of doing business. Everything goes digital: from people with their checking mobiles phones … read more

FamZee featured in

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Teen’s Smartphone, Parent’s Terms: There’s an App for That! Written by: Tanya from The question of whether or not to provide our teens with cell phones or smartphones is not easily answered. On the one hand, it’s a safety … read more

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FamZee featured in The Kid Scoop

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Kids Cell Safety (For our Budget & Peace of Mind) January 27th 2013 by The Kid Scoop While we won’t likely admit it to them, our kids’ childhoods are so much more complicated than ours were. Texting, Facebook, email and … read more

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FamZee featured on BlogTalk Radio

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Listen to an amazing interview with FamZee’s creator, Dan Rudich. The interview also offers insight into how FamZee works, its features and how the idea to create a safety app came to him. Related posts: FamZee Featured on FamZee … read more

FamZee featured in the Santa Barbara Independent

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Tracking Your Teen Should Mom and Dad Play Big Brother? Wednesday, January 2, 2013 By Starshine Roshell (Contact) I was a pretty good teenager. Straight-A student. Didn’t smoke pot. Never had a tussle with the fuzz. But I was a dirty little … read more

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FamZee is a must-have for the Holiday Season

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Buying Your Child a SmartPhone is Like Giving Them a Blank Check: With Mobile Devices at the Top of Teens’ and Tweens’ Wish Lists, FamZee Helps Parents Achieve Peace of Mind This Holiday Season IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 28, 2012 As … read more

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FamZee Featured on

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FamZee Featured on FamZee helps parents track their children’s smartphone usage and location FamZee wants to help parents keep track of their children’s smartphone activities though a simple, easy-to-use application. With more and more children owning smartphones, a huge … read more

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