Sleep Away Summer Camps in 2013

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For many parents, part of getting ready for the summer includes shopping around for sleep-away camps. They are not only fun for our kids but also for the parents to enjoy some quality time together. However, it could also be … read more

Book Review: Letter to My Daughter by Dr. Maya Angelou

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While looking for a Mother’s Day gift for my mother, I fell upon this very special book written by Dr. Maya Angelou. Letter to My Daughter is an original twist on an autobiographical book that is sweet, inspiring and touching. … read more

Family Activities on a Budget

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The sweet smell of April reminds us that summer is right around the corner. ’It’s now time to start researching ideas for outdoor activities the entire family can enjoy together. After spending the past few months indoors and playing with … read more

Earth Day – What it means for your family

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Earth day began in 1970 as the impetus for the modern environmental movement. What began on April 22nd of that year as numerous protests has grown into a day that has brought the rich, poor, old, young, Democrats, and Republicans … read more

The Importance of Laughter

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You are gasping for air. Tears are in your eyes. You can’t move your hands and you can’t feel your legs. You try to form sentences, even make a sound…but you can’t. You manage to force out a few words. … read more